Preview for Upcoming Staples High School Production “The Children’s Hour”

Sofia Ribolla '12 and Charlotte Weber '12 pose for "The Children's Hour" advertisement | Photo from Staples Players on

Cheyenne Haslett ‘13
Staff Writer

Sofia Ribolla '12 and Charlotte Weber '12 pose for "The Children's Hour" advertisement | Photo from Staples Players on

Staples’ Players most recent show is “The Children’s Hour,” a show that opens the audience up to the betrayal and ambiguity of school girls.

This is not your average play, however. It is a drama directed by one of the many students walking the halls of Staples High School.

“This play is so unbelievable because of what it says about human nature. It forces people to say, ‘Am I like that? Would I do that?’” said Caley Beretta ‘10, the director of the a Black Box production debuting May 28.

Written by Lillian Hellman in 1934, the scandalous plot of “The Children’s Hour” unfolds as one of the many female leads, Mary Tilford – played by Charlotte Weber ’12 – purposefully degrades the two women running her boarding school, Karen Wright – played by Andie Levinson ’10, and Martha Dobie – played by Madeline Seidman ‘13.

Tilford, an angry and mischievous student, is caught in a conversation she has no part in. Relaying the information she has heard, she starts a vicious rumor that Wright and Dobie are having an affair.

One slanderous lie sends the women’s lives into disarray, and they must sort it all out by facing the consequences.

Actress Michelle Pauker ’13, who plays Lois Fisher, a schoolgirl, said that “the play is extremely suspenseful, intense, and the acting is stellar.”

Peter Molesworth ’11, assistant director of “The Children’s Hour,” said, “People should come because there is a lot of talent in the show, it’s entirely student run and produced so we’ve worked insanely hard, it’s also the last show of this year and it’s sure to be amazing.”

This opinion was not uncommon amongst those in the cast. Beretta is admired throughout Players as the driving force behind “The Children’s Hour.” Tyler Jent ’13, who plays a grocery boy and the understudy of Joseph Cardin, said that “Caley is so amazing, I feel like I’m being directed by an adult. The professionalism she has is the same as an adult.”

The majority of the 20-person cast also agreed that Beretta had a knack for making rehearsal enjoyable without getting off-track, a skill very helpful in directing.

The play that Beretta and her cast have been finalizing over the weeks will be opening on Fri. May 28 at 7:30 p.m.  There will also be performances on Sat. May 29 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. as well.

“I have put so much into this show – as has my whole cast and crew – and I am so proud of what the show has become. To see the journey that this cast has taken to get this show on its feet is remarkable,” said Beretta.

Beretta said, “I hope that the school and the town will share our success with us and come see our performance. It will not let you down.”

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