Grim Reaper Day Sends A Powerful Message


Before student entered school on May 14, the totaled car in front of the school reminded them of Grim Reaper Day, and its message. | Photo by Alix Neenan ’12

Alix Neenan ’12
Features Editor


"Don't be next on his list" the sign on the car reads. This totaled car in front of the school reminded students of Grim Reaper Day, and its message before they even entered school. | Photo by Alix Neenan '12

A crashed car greeted students when they arrived to school on Friday May 14. When they walked through the hallways, they would see an occasional bloodied-up face, complete with bruises, made with makeup of course, called “victims.” Victims represent those killed in drunk driving accidents.

Grim Reaper Day has been happening every year during prom season for the past seven years. It is sponsored by TAG (Teen Awareness Group) and its purpose is to discourage drinking and driving.

Grim Reaper Day also includes an assembly where students hear a story from someone who has been affected by a drunk driving accident, accompanied with a video made by TAG members where students and staff share their stories.

Chris Lemone, director of TAG, thinks that Grim Reaper Day works “on the short term.”

“As time goes on, no one will remember. You’ve got to try [though].”

Student victim Nicole Brill ’11, chose to be a victim because as she says, “it is important to show the consequences of drunk driving.”

Victims cannot talk the entire day, representing the silence of those killed in drunk driving accidents. Brill said it difficult to remain silent.

“It’s weird to think that if you died from drunk driving, then you would have to go through this,” said Brill. “Don’t do it!”

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