Juniors to be Issued Parking Permits After Beginning of Internship

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Victor Hollenberg ’10
Staff Writer

Juniors holding valid drivers’ licenses will be able to apply for parking permits in Staples’ student lots beginning May 17, according to the administration.

Owing to the departure of over 300 seniors on internships, the increased amount of parking space available has allowed Assistant Principal Jim Farnen’s office to issue permits, which will cost $5 each, to any eligible junior who requests one.

Assistant Principal Jim Franzis, who will help Farnen organize the permits’ distribution, felt it was a logical move.

“While we can’t have students coming and going, which they could without stickers, we can definitely allow them to park on campus if they register their cars like other students,” said Franzis.

In order to be issued a permit— which will be in the form of a pink numbered placard manufactured by Farnen’s office— juniors must register their car online using the same form that was required for the parking lotteries.

“If we catch kids parking without permits, we reserve their right to park for part or all of their senior year,” said Franzis.

Some juniors who were ineligible to apply for parking in one of the first two lotteries were excited about the prospect of using the school lots. J.B. Breig ’11, a member of the varsity lacrosse team, currently has to park at Wakeman Park.

“Being able to park at Staples will definitely be more convenient for [lacrosse] practice,” said Breig. “Right now, it’s really inconvenient to have to go to Bedford.”

Other juniors who had gotten parking earlier were unconcerned about the new influx of juniors into the lots.

“There aren’t usually problems parking, and since so many seniors are leaving, I don’t see why there would be any now,” said Danny Hirschberg ’11. “There isn’t much of a competition for spots anymore.”

The reduced price of the month-long permits has prompted some juniors to question the fairness of charging more to park earlier in the year. Conor Homscheid ’11, who received a spot in the first lottery, was grateful for having gotten one, but shocked at the price disparity.

“It’s nice to be able to park at the beginning of the year, but we had to pay a lot more,” he said. “It’s a pretty big difference.

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