Jets Keep Playoff Hopes Alive Against Panthers

Cole Tessler ’11
Staff Writer

The Jets finally ended their losing streak and revived playoff hopes with a win against the Panthers.

Mark Sanchez had a solid performance throwing 13 -17 for 154 yards and was able to manage the game. However, there was a scary moment when Sanchez was holding his knee after an eight yard scramble. After a couple plays he came back in with a brace and the injury did not appear to be serious.

It was nice to see Sanchez bounce back, especially after a dreadful game against the Pats last week.

The defense was lights out with four interceptions, including a touchdown return from Darrelle Revis and two interceptions from Kerry Rhodes coming off the bench. They also held the Panthers third ranked run offense to only 65 yards.

Although Kerry Rhodes did have a good performance, current starter Eric Smith had a great game as well getting eight tackles and a pass deflection. He also helped out in the running game by getting to Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart at the line of scrimmage.

Revis also deserves a lot of credit shutting down pro bowler Steve Smith, for only 1 reception for 5 yards and also getting two interceptions.

But the real reason the Jets won is because they all played in sync. In all of the Jets losses one person or team blows it for the Jets and they lose. But in this game, they all played well as a team and they finally snapped their three game losing streak.

So do the Jets have a chance for the playoffs?

Yes, but a very tiny chance.

In order for the Jets to have at least a shot to make the playoffs they will have to go 5-0 or at the very least 4-1. That might not seem that bad at first glance but the Jets have to play the Bengals, Falcons and the Colts in the last three games of the season.

With a rookie quarterback, especially how inconsistent Sanchez has been, the Jets most likely will not be able to go at least 4-1. Unfortunately, the one thing the Jets are consistent at is being inconsistent.

Nonetheless, today was a good day for Jet fans and now the Jets are only one game back from a wild card spot.

Now let’s see if the Jets can get some revenge in Buffalo on Thursday.