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Olivia Foster
Not only is Olivia Foster ’18 an experienced athlete who earned a spot on the varsity tennis team as a freshman, but she also shines on stage as a Staples Player. After six years of tennis practices and a lifelong dream to be an actress, Foster has learned to take advantage of all that Staples offers through the fall shows and the spring tennis season. “I love the mental aspect of tennis,” Foster said, with an obvious eye for strategy.

Growing up in Santa Monica, Foster is an only child who has a taste for adventure. “This summer, I did a service trip in Costa Rica for two weeks. It was really fun” she said, beaming. Building sidewalks in Costa Rican towns is no easy feat.

Beyond her desire to explore, Olivia excels academically in Chemistry and loves to learn about human anatomy. Learning about the brain is just one of the many things Foster hopes to do in the future.

Olivia Foster, Staff Writer

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