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Maddie Phelps ’19
Maddie Phelps ’19, has had an eventful journalistic career leading up to the position as Web Managing Editor on Inklings. She started off her career by taking Intro to Journalism and continued to Advanced Journalism in the second semester of her sophomore year. She decided to continue her work for Inklings, and is now the Web Managing Editor. But she does more than just an edit. Not only does she play basketball for Staples, but she also races go-karts. Because her dad works for NASCAR, she’s always had an interest for racing. “I thought I could be unique and try to show people that you don’t have to fit the stereotypical definition of a racer in order to really enjoy and to be good at it,” Phelps said. Maddie Phelps is an all-star on the track and in the classroom, and she is an excellent addition to the Staples community.

Maddie Phelps' 19, Web Managing Editor

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