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Katie Howard ’19
Katie Howard ’19 may have just joined the Inklings team officially, but she has been contributing for a long time. She has been part of the design team for the newspaper since her freshman year. She thought joining the class and diving head first into the full Inklings experience was the logical next step.

She loves to draw, because it gives her more creativity and freedom to interpret. She has been drawing since she was born, and she doesn’t plan on stopping.

Howard emphasized how she was excited to become part of the strong community that Inklings is known to have. “I like it. It has a good community, probably because it requires so much commitment,” Howard said. “People are assuming such close quarters for so long that is sort of becomes like a family.” She seemed very excited to take an other step in her journalistic career.

Katie Howard '19, Assistant Creative Director

Oct 17, 2018
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