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Jordan Shenhar, Web Managing Editor
Jordan Shenhar loves hanging out with his friends-as long as he’s arguing with them. No, he doesn’t have anger management issues; he’s just extremely political. Shenhar participates not only in Inklings, but also in the student-run club JSA. (Junior State of America) Shenhar participates the most in this club to gain time doing one of his favorite activities: arguing about politics with kids his age. Or, as Shenhar says, “[I] take part in one of my favorite activities, arguing with liberals.”  Shenhar is a libertarian, a more unusual party that advocates for small governmental interference. Always wanting to discuss politics even more, Shenhar runs the Young Libertarians Club at Staples.

However, don’t assume that Shenhar is a driven, cold-hearted politician. He loves visiting his family in Israel, where he never feels stressed. He is in awe of the good weather there, and accounts many of his greatest moments to spending time there. And of course, he loves sports. Shenhar says “And for most of my life I've been enslaved by the Mets and the Redskins, my two favorite teams to which I devote excessive amounts of time in exchange for them crushing my hopes and dreams.”

Jordan Shenhar, Web Managing Editor

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