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Grady Narang ’20
A day does not go by where Grady Narang ‘20 isn’t partaking in multiple activities. The staff writer for Inklings originally joined the class to follow in the footsteps of his sister, but surprisingly, was drawn to the environment of the group. “It was so inviting,”Narang said. “Seeing a class that is student-run was a breath of fresh air from all my other classes.” After school, Narang spends his time playing for the Staples Golf team. “The team is so great. I get to go with friends and practice what I love every day.” In a less competitive scene, Narang also plays some friendly basketball and other sports in his free time. On an average day, Narang can be seen doing school work or hanging out with his friends and family. He is ready for a year filled with work, fun and looks forward to his Inklings future.

Grady Narang ’20, Staff Writer

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