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Eliza Yass

Eliza Yass ’14 is not your average cheerleader. On the field, she gets spectators pumped up at football games. But off the field, her engaging opinion pieces give them the scoop on controversial issues.

Yass discovered her passion for writing opinion pieces last year in the Advanced Journalism class. Ever since then, she has been speaking her mind, loud and proud, on everything from Apple software to fake ID’s.

“I’m a really opinionated person,” Yass admitted with a laugh, adding that she doesn’t get much heat for her articles other than the occasional online comments.

The articles she is most proud of are the ones that cover hot-button issues, such as Plan B contraceptives for teens and last year’s incident with the racy posters at the Pink football game.

And while most Staples students fret about typical high school drama, Yass worries about more substantial social issues, such as serving the needy and defending the disadvantaged.

“Opinions cause social change,” said Yass, and it is clear she really cares about making a difference, not only by writing about hot topics but also by advocating for change.

In her spare time, Yass volunteers with STAR, a Norwalk-based organization that serves individuals with developmental disabilities. She hopes to continue spreading justice in the future by promoting social change through law or journalism.

There is no doubt that Yass will bring lots of pep, pompoms, and perspective to her last year on the Inklings staff.

Eliza Yass, Web Opinions Editor

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