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Brendan Massoud
As Web Sports Editor, Brendan Massoud 17’s allegiance to his teams is obvious. Along with playing football and basketball for the Wreckers, he is a supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Heat and Ohio State.

However, what may not be clear to most is Massoud’s other interests: politics. He is president of the Foreign Affairs Club, and welcomes intense, polarizing debates, such as a recent one on the Iran Nuclear Deal. He sees a future career for himself in politics.

Another detail people may not know about is Massoud’s ethnic heritage. Rather than most Westporters' mainly homogenous experiences, Massoud has gotten what he calls “the full cultural immersion” as a half Irish and half Egyptian. Before the Egyptian Revolution, he visited frequently.

As for Massoud’s plans for his future at Inklings, he also hopes to diversify his work, venturing out of the sports category. Regardless of topic, he said, “I want the big story.”


Brendan Massoud, Sports Editor

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