Fall sports captains develop summer training schedules


Photo contributed by Dylan Goodman '21

Fall sports preseason begins in August with the first games beginning in the latter part of September or beginning of October.

Jess Leon ’22, Staff Writer

As the weather begins to get warmer and the spring sports seasons come to an end, students begin transitioning into their summer mindset. Yet, fall athletes can’t completely dissociate into summer mode, as their season is only a couple short months away. The various captains of these fall teams are finding fun and beneficial ways to keep their teams motivated and ready for the start of the season. 

The girls’ field hockey team is preparing and training to win another state championship this coming fall. 

“This summer, we plan to have many captain’s practices and running workouts so we can not only improve our endurance and skills but also improve our relationships with all players from different grades,” captain Ava Ekholdt ’22 said. “Having a strong bond within our team and program is super important to our success next season.” 

The boys’ soccer team has also begun preparing in their own ways for their upcoming season. 

“We plan to go to the field and play soccer with the team as much as possible,” captain Jackson Hochhauser ’22 said. 

The 2021 boys soccer season will open up at home on Sept. 10 versus Ridgefield. 

Additionally, the football team has a busy summer ahead of them, and they will be able to create close bonds due to their rigorous schedule. 

“There will be multiple football camps and morning lifts at Staples throughout the summer,” captain Ryan Thompson ’22 said. “This will give every player in the program many opportunities to be ready for the upcoming season.” 

The cheerleading team is excited to create the school commodore after COVID took it away in their 2020-21 season. 

“We plan to bring back the school spirit that has been lost this past year,” captain Avery Wallace ’22 said. “We look forward to training for our season and making next year the best year yet.” 

The captains for every respective fall sports team are ready for whatever the season brings their way in a couple of months. They are preparing with their program to bring success when their seasons begin.