Staples football returns fresh from bye week


Photo credit: Greer Shotz

The Wreckers used the bye week to focus on defensive strategies for their upcoming game.

Jacob Greenberger '22, Staff Writer

After a week off, the Staples boys’ football team returns to action this week with an away game against North Haven. However, the Wreckers used the bye week a little differently than most teams would.

“A lot of teams in this league definitely would take their bye week to relax and recover, and maybe have shorter, lighter practices,” Nick Prior ՚22 said. “But this week we actually did the most conditioning we’ve done all season.” 

This week, the Wreckers really focused on conditioning as they did many agility and stamina related drills. The team also took a lot of time to focus on their opponents strategies on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

While the team wishes they were in action last week, they admitted that the extra time to train and prepare was beneficial. It helped them improve in many areas of the game, especially agility and stamina.

Along with the active practices on the field, the Wreckers also spent a lot of time studying their opponents gameplan.

“We looked at their offensive and defensive schemes while they were busy preparing for their opponent last Friday, we were preparing for them,” Prior said.

After having a long break to prepare for their game, Wreckers were ready to take on North Haven on Oct. 18. 

“Our team is feeling really fresh this week and we’re ready to takedown North Haven,” Conor Mcgeehan ʼ21 said.

Despite the Wreckers best efforts and preparations, they suffered a 53-20 defeat at the hands of North Haven.