Project Lavi hosts 3v3 basketball tournament

Project Lavi hosts 3v3 basketball tournament

By: Elliot Kaufman

Project Lavi started as an idea last semester in the Caribbean Literature class, and now the group is holding a three on three basketball tournament to raise money for Haiti. “[The Caribbean Literature class] decided that they wanted to do something with the knowledge they had about Haiti and make a difference to Haiti,” Ann Neary, teacher of Caribbean Literature at Staples, explained. Project Lavi is a group that puts together fundraisers and events in order to raise money for Haiti, which was struck by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

On Wednesday, April 26, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Project Lavi hosted a three on three basketball tournament at Staples High School field house. To sign up, each player must have paid $5 dollars. “It is going to be open to teachers as well, and my class is super interested in having some teachers play against students,” Neary said prior to the tournament, showing off an intriguing feature about this event.

It is not a surprise that it is hard for this organization to come up with ideas to get kids to help out its cause. Charly Cummins ’17 is one of the people in Project Lavi who came up with the event idea and is also playing in the tournament. He explained that he wanted a lot of people to come, but on a Wednesday night in high school, there are not many charity events that could get a teenager out of their house. He said with a chuckle that he wants to raise money, and everybody loves playing three on three basketball.

There was more than one way to contribute to Project Lavi on Wednesday night. They were taking donations, there was a bake sale, and they were selling stickers with the Project Lavi logo to put on computers or phones. They were ecstatic that people showed up just to cheer on friends and teachers, eat some after school sweets, or donate and check out the games.

All proceeds will be given to the Vassar Haiti Project, and then forwarded directly to a village in Haiti. Last semester’s class raised $1,208 through bake sales and other small fundraisers around the school. “This semester’s class is hoping to raise more than that because they are very competitive… and they are hoping that their 3 on 3 basketball tournament will give them a big chunk of what they wanted to raise,” Neary told Inklings. Neary explained that if all 20 team slots are filled, then they will have raised at least $300. If people pitch in by buying a sticker or snack, that number can grow.

Last semester the money raised went to buying a bench and canopy for the medical facilities because sick people had to sit on the ground in the sun while waiting for a doctor to help. “We loved the idea of the bench because then we can put our logo on the bench…They can say this is from Staples,” Neary said with a grin on her face. The money raised at the tournament will be used in the same village, but it is undecided exactly what will be paid for with the funds.

The Project Lavi basketball tournament was definitely fun, and a great way to support a great cause.