Staples ski team prepares for the season on land before hitting slopes

Walker Green ’18

Walker Green ’18

By: Liv Ronca and Camryn Ragland

Staples’ boys’ and girls’ ski teams began their preseason and captains practices on Monday, Nov. 7, in preparation for the upcoming season.

Last year, the ski team was placed within the top 3 at every race they attended, including the state championship. “Last year, the season went very well for both the boys’ and girls’ team. Our strong times helped us place second for girls’ and third for boys’ in the state championship race,” returning skier Erin McWhirter ’19 said.

However, since preseason began, the teams have been focused on surpassing their accomplishments. “Right now in pre-season we are in our second week of captains practice and will being dry land training in the upcoming weeks,” returning varsity skier Walker Green ’18 said.

In the next few weeks, they will focus on physical strength, which will build a good foundation so that they can perform at their best during their races starting this December.

“Dry land training focuses on building muscular endurance in the legs, which is crucial to having a successful season.” Green said. “Skiing also requires cardio endurance, so we sometimes go on runs or run flights of stairs.” McWhirter said.

In an article by Ultra Skier, the two core principles of skier fitness are described as isometric and endurance. Isometric training being static movements that improve muscle mass. Endurance is for skiers being able to maintain core retention for extended periods of time, simulating a run down a trail.

As the team works hard in the gym, they are also using this time before their hectic schedule of traveling to races and time consuming practices to bond with each other. With a variety of players from all four grades, the team needs to be able to work cohesively together to have the successful season they are setting out to.

“In preparation for the upcoming season we are working out building relationships with new members.” varsity skier Ava Reichhelm ’17 said.