Top 5 Fitness places in Westport

Top 5 Fitness places in Westport

Sophia Hampton, News Editor

What Westport lacks in cultural diversity, we make up for in fitness diversity. There are no shortage of gyms and workout places around us, and as someone with self-diagnosed WADD (workout attention deficit disorder. which is not a real thing, but it probably should be) I’ve tried most of them. Much to the the dismay of my mom and her credit card, I usually end up signing up for a membership and going for three or four months before I move on to something else.  While my gym commitment issues might not be something to boast about, I have a pretty good idea of what most workout places in Westport offer and below is my top five.

1. Boxing: Boxing is not just for macho men and movies anymore. Now it’s trendy. You and about 20 other people can sweat profusely while vigorously punching a heavy bag to a coach yelling out combinations. At Title Boxing in Norwalk, there’s a 1- minute aerobic warm up, 30 minutes of boxing and 15 minutes of strength conditioning.  Not only is it a great full body workout, it’s a great way to let out your anger. Though $99 a month might seem expensive for a gym membership, it’s cheaper than therapy.

2. The gym: Gone are the days of boring stair master walks and treadmill jogs. Now there are so many do-it-yourself apps and fitness programs that you don’t even need to worry about not having a personal trainer. For example, the Kayla Itsines workout guides are gaining popularity and are extremely effective. They’re only 28 minutes, so they’re convenient to fit into your day. Don’t be fooled, though. Those 28 minutes will be arguably the most challenging of your day.

3. Soul Cycle: I don’t care what people say, Soul Cycle is more than just a spin class, and I love it. Unfortunately it’s hard to logically justify to my mom why she should spend close to $40 per class, but I believe logic doesn’t matter if you’re finding your soul. It’s one of those things you don’t understand until you try, but once you do, you not only get a killer workout, you also leave with a new level of soulful enlightenment.

4. Yoga: Yoga is not just for the granola eating, Birkenstock wearing, indie girl anymore. Yoga, hot yoga especially, is a great way to tone your body while also finding inner peace and relaxation, and if you go to Staples and have plans to embark on the college process, I suggest you find as much inner peace and relaxation as possible.

5  Crossfit: There are at least four Crossfit gyms in an eight-mile radius of Westport. All of them offer an intense workout, a supportive community and a feeling of pride now that you partake in an “elite fitness regime.” At Crossfit Norwalk, there’s usually a 15-minute workout, short but vigorous and involving weights, and a cool down. Another bonus (at least for me) is that at most Crossfit gyms there is an abundance of extremely fit and toned men who workout with you.