Staples volleyball sets up lasting friendships


Will Dumke, Public Relations

The Wreckers boys’ volleyball team is notorious for being skilled, competitive and ruthless, and this year’s squad is looking to carry those traits once again. With an 10-3 record so far, the team has high hopes to compete with intensity and outperform previous year’s teams.

Led by senior captains Jason Bernstein ’15 and Chris Delaurentis ’15, the team has a strong bond of friendship, competition and dedication.

Skilled players like Jared Himmel ’16 and Daniel Brill ’16 also bring a competitive attitude to the team that is crucial for their success.

“We’ve been doing great so far,” Himmel said. “We only have one loss, and we beat two of the best teams in our conference and division.” Himmel is one of the many starting juniors hoping to continue the Staples volleyball legacy for another year.

“We’re looking to pull the three-peat and win FCIAC for the third year in a row,” Himmel confidently added regarding this year’s prospects.

The strength of the team is resembled by the strength of their friendship. On and off the court, the boys support for each maintains the competitive spirit that has lead them to many victories.

“The boys are really connected this year,” Jonas Piekara ’16 said. “We have great chemistry on both the court and outside of volleyball.”

Of course, the team would be nothing without the leadership and support from great coaches. In addition to the several key players on the team, the Wreckers volleyball squad is also welcoming a new varsity coach. This year’s head coach Dan Cho has taken over the team and hopes to lead them to victory.

“Coach Cho has been great this year in his first year coaching,” captain Jason Bernstein ’15 said. “He has really helped maximize the talent on our team.”

The boys’ are looking to carry on the legacy that has established Staples volleyball as one of the most prestigious teams in the FCIAC. With the hard work and dedication that the team already brings to the court, they are sure to be successful in the post season tournaments.