Boys’ hockey starts new season at Longshore


Jack Zeldes

Last year, Staples played a single game at Longshore rink against Norwalk in a preseason scrimmage. Now, in the 2014-15 season, they will increase to playing four games at the rink, an endeavor that has been 20 years in the making.

Going from one game to four games may not seem monumental, but it was only accomplished after two major renovations.

Three seasons ago, the Staples boys’ hockey team had to play games in rinks all across Fairfield County, from Bridgeport to Milford, since the Longshore rink did not have the bleachers necessary to accommodate fans.

However, with the help of parents, coaches, students, and even the rink staff, Longshore raised enough money to install bleachers so that the Staples hockey team could finally play at home.

The players made good use of their new rink, winning a 7-1 victory against Norwalk in that momentous 2013 game.

Ian Offenberg credits their success to the fans.
“Having a huge crowd is incredible; it really keeps the blood pumping and we love having our community’s support,” captain Ian Offenberg ’16 said.
After the win, the team and fans wanted to play more games in the hometown rink, and rallied for regular season home games at Longshore.

But the rink did not meet the FCIAC size regulations, so Longshore underwent a second renovation last winter where they expanded the rink by 15 feet in order to meet FCIAC’s standards.

Now that all the renovations are finished, the rink is ready to host regular season games, and the hockey fans are ready to watch them.

“Being in the crowd is amazing. In the cold, with so many students, it’s a great time. I can’t wait to go to games this year,” Harrison Ames ’16, a self-proclaimed Staples hockey superfan, said.