Athletes ponder their favorite season for sports

Whether it is the brisk, cool weather of fall, the frigid temperatures of winter, or the icy winds of spring, the Staples athletes have seen it all. But which season do the athletes like the most?

“The weather in the fall is definitely the best to play a sport in because the temperature starts out warm and cools down as the season progresses,” Brylyn Marsh ’16 said. “It’s also the beginning of the school year and the first season for high school sports, which makes it, exciting with all of the other sports going on.”

While the track team competes year round, track athlete Ben Shmaruk ’17 also says that the fall is, overall, the best season to compete.
“Regarding track, I like the fall because everyone runs similar events, and the team is more unified,” Shmaruk said.

With the fall being the first sports season of the year, the energy is electrifying and athletes are bonded.

However, girls’ track coach Cari Moore believes that, competition-wise, the spring season is the best. “We see better performances in the spring because most of our athletes participate in both indoor and outdoor track and field,” Moore said. “By the time they reach the outdoor season they already have had a full season of training completed.”

Each season has its pros and cons. However, whether it is fall, winter or spring, there is a time for every athlete at Staples to shine.