Harding brings new rush of spirit to Staples cheer team

Harding brings new rush of spirit to Staples cheer team

Damia Fries '16

Caroline Lane and Grace Bonington, Staff Writers

Jessica Harding, a peppy English teacher at Bedford Middle School, is trading in screaming sixth graders for the chanting Staples cheer team. Harding is the new coach that will lead Staples cheer to victory.

Harding, a former cheerleader herself, spent her high school days cheering on the Niskayuna High School. She grew up right outside of Albany, New York and during the off season she would travel to Syracuse, New York to cheer for the competitive cheer team, CNY (Cheer Company of New York). She traveled from Albany to Syracuse twice a week to be on this cutthroat team.

Harding’s love of cheerleading is palpable. Almost every cheerleader will tell you how close all the girls are. They spend every afternoon together from fall to winter, longer than any other sport.

Haley Burns ’16 has been on the cheer team since freshman year and has loved her time. “I love how close our team is” she said.

“I really think that it translates onto the mat whether we’re cheering on the Wreckers or competing at a competition,” Burns

Harding could feel that energy from the second she began. “I love the camaraderie of the team,” she said. “It’s hard not to notice how close they all are.”

School spirit is huge at Staples and with cheerleaders at the heart of it, Harding didn’t fail to notice that.

“All the teams get along so well and, cheer each other on” Harding said, “I hope to continue the great relationship with basketball and football along with the whole school”.

This great energy on the team will help the team go far in competitions this winter. Harding’s number one goal is to win some championships.

Staples cheer team placed fifth at FCIAC’s in 2012 and they hope to surpass that and grow as a team this year.

Harding can’t wait to be involved with Staples Cheer. “I love that I can do something fun and keep cheerleading an aspect of my life,” she said.

Staples better watch out for Harding and her Lady Wreckers. Rock steady, cause Staples ain’t even ready.