Freshman runner rises to the challenge

Sophia Hampton, News Editor

The Staples’ track team was pleasantly surprised this year to say the least.

It was a bright, clear Saturday in May. Brandon Harrington ’17 was racing in the two-mile event in Middletown. On his sixth lap he heard Coach Malcolm Watson screaming “you could be the fastest freshman in Staples history.” Something clicked in Harrington’s head and he speed on to finish the race with a time of 9:59.

Though Harrington didn’t break the school freshman record which stands at 9:53 and was set many years ago, Harrington continues to sprint with striking speed through his track meets and practices.

“We haven’t had a freshman break 10 minutes [for the two-mile] in about 20 years,” said Head Coach Laddie Lawrence, “He’s proving to be one of the fasten freshmen we’ve ever had.”

A quiet and unassuming freshman, Harrington has surprised the team with his natural talent in track, but it’s his dedication to keep improving that has been so impressive to his coaches and teammates.

In the beginning Harrington raced fast, but with no strategy. It wasn’t long before all his work began paying off and he became “an aggressive competitor,” said next year’s track co-captain, Oliver Hickson ’15.

“He’s fast and furious now,” added future co-captain Jake Berman ’15.

Before a race, Harrington eats plenty of vegetables and makes sure to get a full night of sleep. On the bus to his meets he listens to Survivor’s, “Eye of Tiger.” And during the race, Harrington makes sure to focus on a time he wants to achieve in order to motivate him.

Harrington is modest and credits most of success to the support from teammates. It inspires him to see everyone else improving.

“I surprised myself,” Harrington said with a smile, “I never expected to break 10 my freshman year.”