Volleyball sets up for a good return

After a very rewarding 2013 spring season, the boys’ volleyball team has big shoes to fill.

Last season, the boys were able to rack up an FCIAC title and become the Class L State Champions for the fifth time in Staples history. Not only was this the first state championship title since the 2009 season, but it was also the first state win for third-year coach Jon Shepro.

Shepro said the root of the team’s success came from the chemistry of the team. Shepro explained that the team worked hard to reach FCIACs and states with the help of senior leadership and teamwork. “In the end, that’s what pushed us to win it all,” Shepro said.

The team was also able to maintain a strong standing in the ranks when they went 21-1 for the season, the only loss to Southington in the first game of the season.

Co-captain Todd Goldstein ’14, sees his team striving for success once again during the upcoming season. Goldstein said that another championship title is possible for the boys.

He also mentioned that many of the senior players this year are aware of the work they need to do in order to win again.

“We know what it will take to make it back to the finals,” Goldstein said. “It’s all about the hard work and dedication”.

Teammate Chris Wilk ’14 thinks this team will easily transition into a new season despite the loss of major contributors. He said although they lost six seniors from last year, there are key players who are able to lead and motivate the boys this season.

“The team this year has many strong hitters and passers on it, and our two captains, Lucas Grevers and Todd Goldstein, bring a positive attitude to the gym every day which keeps the team morale high,” Wilk said.

Shepro is looking for a powerful start to this season and expects nothing but hard work from his team in the next few weeks, as the spring season opens with the first game at Ridgefield on April 11.

“I owe it to this team to tailor this season to this group of guys and not try to relive past successes,” Shepro said.