Staples Students’ Top 5 Ways to Stay in Shape at Home


Jordan Goodness, Staff Writer

Snow blankets the ground, the biting air chills you to the core, and this weather forces many people to stay indoors.

“Cold weather makes you want to lay around and stay warm, it’s hard to stay active,” Justin Slosberg ’15 said.

However, the cold weather certainly doesn’t have to prevent you from staying on your feet.

Here are the top five ways Staples students stay in shape without even leaving the house.

1. Get electronic:

Sure, you can mindlessly scroll through internet and text friends on a smartphone, but it can also help you get a quick dynamic workout. Try downloading the 7 Minute Workout app.  A quick, effective workout will be created right on your phone.  Who knew a phone could keep you in shape?

2. Dancing is the best medicine:

It’s true, dancing is a fun and easy way to stay fit and have a good time.  Essentially, any type of dancing can allow you to burns calories.

For instance, Caroline Didelot ’16 has found a way to incorporate dance into her own home workouts.

“I do Zumba at home by playing a videogame I have for my Xbox. It helps me stay active and do what I love.”

3. Get active with your pet:

Any dog lovers at Staples know that their little pups enjoy nothing more than to run around outside. When letting the dog out for a little run, run along with him. Or instead, take a nice long walk around the block with your canine. It’s a playful way to stay active every day.

4. Invest in some home equipment:

You don’t need to go to the gym or use heavy machinery to get a healthy workout in. Students, like Slosberg have bought their own equipment to fit in quick exercises at home.

“I use the perfect pushup.  It helps me keep my upper body in shape, and I can just use them in my room and not have to go anywhere.”

5. Create a nightly routine:

For those who aren’t interested in buying equipment, doing some various exercises before bed each night, and gradually increasing the intensity is a simple way to stay healthy at home.

Gigi Vallone ’16 advises students looking to just get simple workouts at home to do a couple crunches and jumping jacks each night before bed to help get the endorphins flowing.

“I don’t really workout to look good, I just work out to feel good,” Vallone said.  “I do ab exercises at home so I don’t need to spend money on a gym membership.”

So don’t get discouraged by the snow accumulating outside.  Home workouts are easy and will make you feel great. More importantly, your body will thank you when the snow thaws.