Working out where you should work out

Jack Zeldes, Staff Writer

Fitness Edge:

What a place. If you are looking for a gym with new and fresh facilities, state-of-the art machines like the “Jacobs Ladder” and the “Tred Sled,” and classes from Pilates to Spinning that will make you say “wow,” then this is the gym on the Westport/Norwalk border for you. There are high-ceilinged rooms with hardwood floors, freshly-painted walls and dozens of mirrors. With brand new turf fields, and even a boxing ring where you can release your anger from a tough day at school, you won’t be surprised to see some of your fellow Staples students working out alongside you. You may even run into your principal? Yes, there have been reports that Principal John Dodig exercises at the Edge. Maybe true, maybe not; some students say they time their workouts just to see Dodig there.


This new cycling studio has brought a fresh new brand of working out to Westport. While this gym doesn’t have the variety that the Edge brings to the table, JoyRide has its own special features. JoyRide specializes in extraordinary classes. With their new and top-of-the-line machines accompanied by world-class instructors, spinning, to tabata classes or even circuit training classes, not only will get you in the shape of your life but also provide you with the thrill of being on a bike. Their classes are made for teens ages 13-19 where you can bring a friend, listen to some new jams, and get a great workout.

New York Sports:

First of all, the name is a slight left turn. While we are considered to in the New York metropolitan area, I would not name a club after the city. But that’s besides the point; onto the gym. This gym gets the job done. It has machines from treadmills to rowing machines to even an arch trainer, not extraordinary but above average. Its open spaced, mirror-covered  workout rooms all with private trainers are one of its highlights. Its best feature may come after a long and stressful day at school where you can do a class of pilates and then chill out in the sauna, sweating your worries away.

Southport Athletic/Squash Club:

For Staples students, this is the gym less traveled by. However, it is a nice quality gym. With a wide range of creative and welcoming classes from their “method rx” to “body pump,” accompanied with variety of innovative machines, there is no reason not go to this gym. If you were wondering if the name has any meaning, it does. This club’s curveball is that it has four international squash courts, and for those of you that are competitive, you can also enter tournaments. Finally, after a long day of being on the grind, there are 11 different kinds of relaxation classes to improve your flexibility and release your stress. In fact, they offer yoga classes for all times of the day.