Boys’ Soccer Practices Make Perfect

The Staples boys’ soccer team has been prepared all year, especially when it comes to working out.

During practice, the players work on  defense, shooting, and other team skills. Their favorite drills are called “Team Trains the Keeper” and “Shoot the Moon,” which is when the team splits up into four groups and has to score in different ways from different positions on the field.

According to coach Dan Woog, “Doing the same thing before every game helps establish continuity and a certain comfort level.”

“Talent is always helpful, but it’s nothing compared to hard work,” Sebo Hood ’14 said.

After all of this hard work and practice, it wouldn’t be a team without team chemistry.

The players bond at practice, pasta dinners, dinners on their own, and hanging out on weekends. Evidently, bonding and eating go together very well.

Even in the summer, the returning varsity players went on a trip to New Hampshire.

When all of this team building and hard practices are over, it all comes down to the game. After preparing physically every day for two hours at practice, this is the time to ponder and mentally get ready.

Before every home game, the players meet in the baseball dugout near third base and strategize for the game while looking out at Loeffler Field.

“From that point on, it’s all focus, and this is crucial for our success. It’s also all about coverting nerves into excitement and readiness to play,” co-captain Diego Alanis ’14 said.

Of course, how could you get pumped up without music?

“Charlie Leonard ’14 and I like to listen to Frank Sinatra before our home games,” Connor Weiler ’14 said.

However, once the practices start, all headphones are off.

“Every player is different, so we respect each player’s pre-game preparation,” Woog said. “But we want players interacting with each other from that point.”

All of these efforts combined result in a solid team.

“No one can do it for you. You have to put in the work yourself in order to reap the benefits,” Sebo said.