Swimming to Victory

The Staples Girls Swimming and Diving Team is off to a splashing start this fall. They’re took their first victory against Ridgefield on September 18th at home.

“If we can even match our swimming from last year, we will be in great shape,” said Michael Laux, varsity swim coach.

The girls won the meet 94-92, sweeping seven of the total twelve events including: 200m freestyle, 200 IM, diving, 100m butterfly, 500m freestyle, 200m free relay and 400m relay.

Amongst the many victories, one of the star captains for the swim team, Verity Abel ’14  won both the 200 and 400m freestyle.

“I know that every race at every point was crucial,” said Abel, “and for that reason I am thrilled to have won my races because I know that I helped the team steal the win that we have been training so hard for.”

Staples also dove into a pool of success at the meet.

“We thought we were going to be the bigger competition but they were actually really good as well,” said diver, Sophia Stanley ’16.

Overall, their hard work definitely paid off.

“The team works so hard 6 days a week for this, and I give them total credit for their success,” said diving coach, Dan Long.