Jock Talk: UCONN's Championship Run

2003–04 Connecticut Huskies men's basketball team
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Charlie Greenwald ’12
Staff Writer

The Hartford Whalers ceased to exist in 1997, when they became the Carolina Hurricanes. The last professional sports team in Connecticut abandoned us, and we were suddenly another state deprived of hometown heroes, just like our friends in Montana or Nebraska. 

We had something so valuable stolen from us; we suddenly had nothing to believe in. But this year, sports fans all across Connecticut are rejoicing at the incredible run the UCONN men’s basketball team has made to the NCAA National Championship. 
The Huskies, led by their prolific point guard Kemba Walker, were positioned as the third seed in the West section of the tournament before beginning their improbable run at the title.

Jim Calhoun and the gang have been in this situation before; they went to and won the NCAA championship game back in 2004, led by Emeka Okafor and Ben Gordon. They were also Big East Champions that year- essentially, the same exact situation as this year.
For a state deprived of a pro sports team, this is a big deal for Connecticut sports fans. A team from our state has proven to be one of the best teams in college basketball, busting brackets the world over and solidifying UConn’s reputation as one of the elite schools for college basketball.

If this tournament is any indication, anything can happen in college basketball. Kids of all ages pay attention to this tournament and teenagers can’t help but follow it. The tournament deals with teams from schools that we have all have been to, dealt with, and considered. In a sense, college basketball is more relatable for kids than professional basketball. These are kids just like you and me,, athletes who are excited to play for fun not for money.

They are not superstars, but they are good enough to be a contributing factor on teams that value role-playing over individual talent.
Since an event like this only comes several times in a man’s life, I have cleared my entire schedule for this championship game. I have popcorn that can’t wait to be eaten, soda that can’t wait to be poured, a remote than can’t wait to be held and homework that can wait to be done.

It’s time to watch my home state’s most exciting sports team try and conquer Butler and obtain the most exciting trophy the sports world has to offer.