Wreckers win seventh in a row against Stamford

Wreckers win seventh in a row against Stamford

Rachel Guetta ’13 & Alexandra O’Kane ’13
Opinions Editor and Staff Writer

Senior D Scanlan looks to drive the ball to the hoop against Stamford's junior forward Danny Turkvan. |Photo by Rachel Guetta '13

Victory was not assured until the last 11 seconds of the game when Staples’ defense made a stop. After a game that was close throughout, Stamford drove to the basket leaving Staples on the defensive end with a one point lead. Three touches to the ball and no basket for Stamford. Game over.

The Feb. 8 boys varsity basketball game added another win for the Wreckers’ season. Staples overtook Stamford in a 51-50 victory, giving the Wreckers a 12-4 record and a second place position in the West Division of the FCIAC.

“It was a great basketball game to be a part of and definitely one of the best of the year,” Head Varsity Coach Colin Devine said.

Staying in the lead was a challenge for both teams. By the end of the first half, Staples was winning by five points with a score of 24-19. Stamford pulled ahead in the last two quarters, but Staples managed to hold on to the leading point despite the desperate scoring attempts by Stamford at the end.

According to Devine, the game was fast-paced and was executed with the team’s standard precision.

Top scorers for Staples included Senior Captains Jake Felman, Gabe Seidman and Luke Yeager.

Staples will look to carry this win over to their next game against Wilton on Feb. 11, and into the rest of the winter season.