Jan. 5 – Boys Varsity Ski Mount Southington

Photo from the Staples Ski Team website.

On Wednesday, January 5, the Staples Boys Ski team raced at Ski Mount Southington. The team Varsity team came in 3rd place out of five teams, and the JV team came in 2nd out of five other teams. Andrew Chappo ’11 helped Staples take the lead as its front-running skier in 13th place, while Steve Thompson ’12 was Staples’ second racer in 15th place. The third and fourth skiers were Captains Mike Scott ’11 and Kasper Klein-Ipsen ’11 in 23rd and 24th place, respectively. Yet the team’s overall score relies on the top six of ten Varsity skiers. Unfortunately, Henry Dumke ’13 was Staples’ fifth skier in 42nd place, and Noel Berry  ’13 was the team’s sixth count, tied for 43rd place. The difference in times between the third and fourth skiers is only a small amount of time, yet makes a large impact in Staples’ overall ranking.  Proud of his team’s status, Klein hopes that his team can improve and increase its status in the future. “We need to work on making the times more consistent.”