Rugby Preview


The rugby team practices for their upcoming games. | Photo by Alicia Lourekas ’12

Jack Hennessy
Chief Web Sports Editor

The rugby team practices for their upcoming games. | Photo by Byran Schiavone '13

The Staples Rugby team this year can most easily be described as ambitious.

With a new coach, three dedicated captains, and a whole new attitude, they have big plans for this young program. Coming off a difficult 1-10 season last year, Staples will look to find success in a stacked senior laden starting lineup.

Success will begin at the top, with strong leadership from captains Collin Carroll ’10, Charlie Stanley ’10, and Harry Rappaport ’10. They will be challenged with the task of establishing a winning mindset into their fellow teammates. Carroll believes the team is capable of big things this year because of “increased attendance, drive, and intensity at practice.”

He understands they have a long way to go before they can be considered an elite program, though “a winning season wouldn’t surprise [him]”. To reach that level, Carroll is willing to push the team to great lengths. He mentioned the importance of fitness if they are to succeed this spring. “We are focusing more on improving fitness this year, so that the players can stay fit for the entire game. On average we will do at least 100 push-ups, a few miles of running, and exhausting abdominal and leg workouts each practice in order to make the team physically strong,” said Carroll.

Staples’ coach, Joseph Barahona, agrees with Carroll. “We want to improve on our tackling, as well as not giving up possession of the ball, and of course more conditioning. Players tend to get lazy and make more mistakes when they are fatigued.”

In addition to improvements to work ethic, Staples Rugby will be directed by a new coach this year. Joseph Barahona will take the reigns, looking to turn around the program.

“He knows the game and our team, and he has fully dedicated himself to making this team as good as it can possibly be,” said Carroll.

More good news comes from the addition of seniors Will Muchnick and Ryan Vaughn. They will join a core returning group including Eric Nebelung, George Birch, Kristian Berg, Zach Bomes and Ed Hickson.