Power With Finesse


Joseyn Henry completes the long jump. | Photo by Madeline Hardy ’11

Madeline Hardy ’11
Photo Editor

Joseyn Henry completes the long jump. | Photo by Madeline Hardy '11

Joselyn Henry ’10 is extremely driven and successful in everything she does. On the Staples Track team she continues to push herself to do better causing the record in shot put and long jump to get harder and harder to break.

She continues to progress throughout the sport of shot put and long jump breaking her own records along the way.

Sophomore year, her record for shot put was 33 ft. But now, its up to 37 ft 2 in.

Although Henry says Nationals is more for her personal performance, her goals were set high at a minimum of 38 ft in shot put and 18 ft in long jump.

In Nationals, Henry beat her goal landing in 14th place for shot put at 11.72 meters, 38.45 ft.

Henry excels in both events, she treats each quite differently. When doing shot put, she takes a long pause before the throw, thinking about her “form, pointing the toes, and a new record”.

As for long jump, the only downside is the sand; “I don’t really like to get my shoes dirty.” Along with this downside, long jump requires you to take a very large leap of faith. Henry claims that “getting angry helps, the more aggressive the better.”

In each event there is a long pause before she throws or sprints to the pit, but for each there is something different running through her mind. “For shot put I think more about technique but long jump I think more aggressively.”

Joselyn Henry has had an exciting season and this spring presents her another opportunity to break her school records in long jump and shot put once again.

Henry is just one of the many girls on the track team that has excelled this year.

In addition to the senior, 14 others girls made it to nationals this year. They include Turner Block ’13, Emily Hanrahan ’11, Maeve Flaherty ’12, Ingrid Johnson ’11, Lexie Schachne ’12, Isabella Claveloux ’13, Elizabeth Driscoll ’11, Kate Burke ’10, Kelly Bohling ’11, Kylie Gould ’10, Georgia Kursten ’13, Kristen Weiler ’11, Ryan Kirshner ’13, and Kelly Hussey ’11.