LeBron To Switch From 23 to 6

LeBron To Switch From 23 to 6

Dustin Dobbs
Sports Editor

No matter where Mr. James decides to sign this summer, one thing will be different about him next year. He will wear a different number on his jersey.

LeBron recently submitted the paperwork to the NBA, and is waiting the approval to switch from 23 to 6.

Although he has recently ignited “23’s” popularity, he will be switching to 6, which he was worn in international play with Team USA in the Olympics and in the FIBA Tournaments.

Rumors were flying around the league in the beginning of the seasons when James proposed the idea of a league-wide “23” retirement in honor of Michael Jordan, who revolutionized the game of basketball, and the number “23”. LeBron is taking the first step towards doing so.

The league does not have to approve his request, but upon doing so would provide the opportunity to hit the jackpot on additional jerseys sales. Also, if they were to approve his change of number, and he follows through with it, he would have to remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers (sorry NYK fans).

Not only is 6 his Olympic number, but it is the date in which his first son was born, and the number of the month in which his second son was born. Also, his second favorite player growing up, Julius Erving, spent the majority of his career sporting numero seis.