Staples Gymnastics Defeated by Greenwich

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Sammie Hardy ’11
Staff Writer

In the midst of midterm week, the Staples gymnastics team cut out some of their quality studying time to get some exercise in. The group of talented girls competed at Weston High School on Thursday, Jan. 14 against Greenwich High.

“I think it will be a tough day because of midterms and people just coming off injuries. We are going to take it easy,” said tri-captain Kara Tricarico ’11.

Tricarico commented on her performance before the meet. “I will be competing all around except I will not be participating in floor today. I hurt myself last year against the same team, on floor exercise. Like I said, we will be taking it easy,” she says.

During the meet, Staples placed just a small point away from Greenwich, but the performance from the girls was better then expected. Specifically tri-captain Emma Vaimberg ’10 who competed and won all around. Unfortunately tri-captain Zoe Heller ’11 injured her back during the meet which affected the score quite a bit.

“We did well today, we scored a 119.7, obviously not as good as last year but I was scratched from vault and floor because of a back injury. Modifications have been made though, so next meet will be better. We have been really consistent and everything, but we did loose a lot of people this season.” Zoe Heller ’11 said.

The team’s next meet is next Thursday, at Wilton High School. Keep up the good work, and go Wreckers!