Superfans Look to Build in their Second Year


Staples super fans cheer on the boys soccer team in a recent FCIAC regular season game.

Rebecca Bobrrow ’11 and Kate McNee ’11
Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Staples super fans cheer on the boys soccer team in a recent FCIAC regular season game.
Staples super fans cheer on the boys soccer team in a recent FCIAC regular season game.

The lush green of the Loeffler Field hill turned to white in a matter of thirty minutes as Stapleites congregated, energized by their own school spirit to watch what promised to be an exciting game.

The student-run organization, Staples Superfans, kicked off its year with a sea of white on Sep. 15 at the boys Varsity Soccer game on Loeffler Field. Coach Dan Woog expressed his appreciation for what he believed to be the biggest crowd at a season-opener.

“Every time [the Staples Soccer players] scored, the crowd went really wild, which was cool to be a part of,” Nicole Brill ’11 said.

The Staples Superfans is headed into its second year as an organization. Last year, the group emerged after 20 students pledged to attend every boys Varsity Soccer game in the 2008 season.

The pledge grew into an enormous school cause that drew about 200 fans to the boys Varsity Soccer FCIAC championship. With the group gaining so much interest, a Staples Superfans Facebook group was created, alerting people of sporting events and “white-outs”. They also designed and sold Superfans t-shirts that fans wore to the games.

This year, Alex Dulin ’10 and Alex Werner ‘10, the officers of the Staples Superfans Facebook group, plan to expand the organization because they feel the student support has a very profound effect on the athletes.

“I would really like to see an increase in school spirit and attendance at games. Every student should support their peers. Just imagine how pumped up the players would get if everyone went to all the games,” Dulin said. 

Soccer Coach Dan Woog and Staples Athletic Director Marty Lisevick agreed that the Superfans support helps the boys soccer team and would definitely have the same result with other sports.

“[The cheering] can definitely build momentum. We want fans involved. No question” Lisevick said.

Dulin feels it is important for the juniors to get more involved this year so they are able to take control of the organization next year and continue to develop it.

Werner, also a Superfans enthusiast, mentioned his desire for more Underclassman participation in Superfans. 

“Everyone needs to come out and support the athletes, even Underclassman, because the more people, the bigger the effect. Cheering gives our athletes confidence, and intimidates the other team,” Werner said.

Dulin feels that if more Upperclassman get involved in Superfans, the Underclassman will naturally start to, too.  She believes that this will increase school spirit and bring all the grades closer together.

Dulin also stated a desire to see Superfans at other sports, besides soccer, and an expansion into support of girls sports.

“It would be great if students went to sports that don’t attract large crowds, like ski races, wrestling and rugby matches, and track meets. I’d love to see a big show at a girls Varsity Volleyball game. It’s unfortunate that girls’ sports are overshadowed,” Dulin said.

“Just imagine how pumped up the players would get if everyone went to all the games,” said Alex Dulin ’10.

 Not only do the Superfans hope to increase attendance at every Staples game, the organization also plans to step up fundraising from last year. Dulin and Werner hope to be able to raise more money this year by selling food at games, as well as selling new Superfans shirts. They are optimistic that if enough money is raised, Superfans can hire buses to bring fans to away games.

 Students concerned about being updated on the happenings of Superfans have no reason to worry. Not only will the Facebook group be updated frequently, but Dulin also hopes to create a Superfans bulletin board in school with each team’s record and schedule posted, as well as announcements of upcoming Superfans events.

The general consensus of Superfans is that it really is a praiseworthy addition to the Staples community. Woog and Lisevick both recognize that Superfans has a positive influence on the student body.

“[Supporting peers] represents a great value,” Lisevick said.

Although, he and other adults in the community expressed some concern because big crowds and excited students often coincide with drinking problems at games.

Lisevick said that the school and the FCIAC league would not hesitate to ask people to leave if their behavior was inappropriate. The FCIAC league is even considering the use of breathalyzers at the entrances to games countywide. 

“I hope that students will be smart enough not put themselves or the organization in that situation,” Werner said.

The main goal of Superfans really is to unify the school and get as many students as possible out supporting their peers.

“It’s fun to see people you don’t normally see [when you go to sporting events]. Getting decked out in face paint helps students create more memories and helps people meet each other. There’s so much to be proud of at Staples, there’s no reason for students to not be at the games,” Dulin said.

Werner and Dulin have already begun designing this year’s Staples Superfans T-shirts. They are due to begin selling in the next few weeks.