Hirschberg Serves as a Vital Aspect of Varsity Tennis


dannyhirschbergSarah McDonald ’11
Web News Editor

Starting his second season playing varsity tennis for Staples, Danny Hirschberg ’11 has proved himself as a key member of the team, both on and off the court.

“I’ve been playing tennis since I was about five years old,” said Hirschberg. “My dad really encouraged me to play because he played a lot as a kid.”

His immense dedication to the sport is apparent. During the tennis season, he usually plays up to 11 or 12 hours per week.

Even during the off-season, he still practices at least seven hours each week.

“Danny is a great asset to the team on and off the court,” said teammate Jordan Ratner ’10. “He is by far one of our best players and has an incredible drive to win every match he plays.”

Even off the court, Hirschberg is a valuable member of the team. He often finishes his matches quickly and he “immediately starts to cheer on his teammates,” said Ratner.

“Danny is obviously an incredibly skilled tennis player. He is also incredibly modest for someone so talented,” said teammate Matt Greenberg ’10. “He is respected by everyone on the team.”

Greenberg continues to describe Hirschberg as “an asset to the team both in his leadership and athletic ability.”

In the 16-year-old and under category, Hirschberg is ranked third in New England and 85th in the nation. In the New England 18-year-old and under category, he is ranked sixth. Last year, he was the only freshman playing on the varsity team.

“Being on varsity as a freshman was great,” said Hirschberg. “I got to meet a lot of upperclassmen and be part of a winning team.”

Last year, the tennis team was almost undefeated, only losing one match against rival Greenwich High School. They also won the state championship, the fifth in six years for Staples.

“Danny is a huge reason why we went undefeated in our regular season and won states last year,” said Ratner.

Hirschberg believes that the main goal for the tennis team right now is to win another state championship this season, making it the sixth championship for Staples in the past seven years.

“This year, with Danny as our probable number one,” said Ratner, “I am positive that he will come through for the team again and help make this year even more successful.”