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Paper Features: The real deal uncovered—An investigation behind Westport drug distribution

Renee Weisz ’17 and Jack Zapfel ’16

April 5, 2016

*Names changed. The bell rings. The halls crowd with students heading off to track, maybe to Gaetano’s or perhaps to the library. Mike*, though, hops in his Honda Pilot and makes his way down I-95 North to a different kind of extracurricular activity. He pulls over on a side street in Bridgeport and wait...

Paper Features: The story of our custodian—Williams finds faith through hardship

Margaux MacColl

April 5, 2016

Jamaica Reggae music filled the packed club and Sharon Williams was on stage. “It was like me alone in the world,” Williams said. “I would look, but I would not look into the crowd—I would look over the crowd. It was like I was in my own head.” Williams was 21 years old at the...

Paper News: April Election Briefs

Megan Doyle '18

April 5, 2016

Connecticut Primaries On Tuesday, April 26, both the Republican and Democrat primaries will take place in Connecticut. Tere are only 28 Republican delegates and 70 Democrat delegates in Connecticut, so the candidates do not spend much energy focused on winning the Nutmeg state. Polls from both...

Paper News: April 1 World Briefs

Anay Simunovic '18, Staff Writer

April 5, 2016

Brussels Attack The Brussels attacks are believed to have killed more than 30 people and dozens have been injured. On the afternoon of March 22, twin blasts hit the Zaventem airport in Brussels, killing 11 people. An hour later, another explosion struck a city metro station known as Maelbee...

Paper News: March SAT elicits confusion and cancellations

Sophie Call ’16 and Molly Liebergall ’17

April 5, 2016

Juniors took the new SAT on March 2 and responded with mixed reactions to the recently state-mandated test and graduation requirement that replaced SBAC. While all students sat for the exam, many chose to cancel their scores. Unlike the ACT, the SAT has recently undergone major changes, which may...

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