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Paper Editorial: United, we stand… and sit

April 5, 2016

Every day at 8:25 a.m., the majority of students sleepily rise out of their chairs to stand, shifting their bodies to face the flag, putting their right hands over their hearts. Then, at the sound of a beep from the intercom, the students recite one sentence in perfect unison, the same sentence they ...

Paper Features: Outdoor enthusiasts scope out the best hunting spots

Brendan Massoud and Margot Mather

April 5, 2016

It’s four in the morning and the Duranko sisters, Emily ’16 and Jessie ’18, are crouched down, holding their breath, concentrating deeply on a faint rustle that is caused by more than just the wind. A flock of geese is about a quarter mile away, hidden through the dense pine trees and countless...

Paper Features: Horseback riders gallop into Florida’s heated circuits

Nicole Shapiro

April 5, 2016

Many Staples students are active in extracurriculars that conveniently take place on Staples’ fields, in town or in the comfort of their own homes. But there are a few students who take their extracurriculars beyond convenience, and pursue them all over the country.  Those students include many e...

Paper Features: Comic book class offers visual perspective for English classes

Jen Gouchoe

April 5, 2016

There are three panels in Nick Greene ’16’s comic sequence. The first panel shows a close up of black and white sneakers resting on the gas pedal and clutch. The second displays a hand, contrasting with the black background, shifting gears. The final panel flashes to the speedometer. “In e...

Paper Features: Newly-licensed teens act above the law

Anay Simunovic ’18 and Jesse Levinson ’17

April 5, 2016

There is a fairly wide agreement among teenagers when it comes to Connecticut’s driving laws, specifically the one that prohibits newly-licensed teens from driving their friends for a year. Many 16 year olds, it seems, are actually not in favor of being forced to drive alone. Moreover, they go...

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