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Paper Arts: Adult coloring books draw a strong following

Colette Lippman

April 5, 2016

An adult coloring book—it seems like an oxymoron. The idea behind the adult coloring book is to provide an option for stress relief that is more mentally stimulating than staring at a TV or computer screen. Many students have been attracted to the adult coloring book trend, with many claiming that it relieves...

Paper Arts: Mann shines under the spotlight in “Billy Elliot”

Margot Mather

April 5, 2016

There’s a faint pitter patter of clacking footsteps behind the illuminated door. A rising star is about to emerge: twelve-year-old Jamie Mann ’21 of Bedford Middle School. Mann starred in the Florida regional production of “Billy Elliot” as Billy at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre. Now at Compan...

Paper Arts: “House of Cards” stands strong with its fourth season

Erin McGroarty

April 5, 2016

I’m sure that all you “House of Cards” fans were all aware of the highly-anticipated release of season four that occurred on March 4. Before embarking on the journey of watching a season of this political thriller, questions hung over the heads of all the fans.  Was the anticipation worth it?  Do...

Paper Opinions: Make Republicans great again

Jacqueline Sussman

April 5, 2016

Government is a necessary evil. It is an institution that is morally wrong because it limits the rights of individuals, yet still essential to the survival of any society.  While I recognize that this view of government is highly contested, the argument itself — that something can be referred to as...

Paper Opinions: Staying devoted to my favorite show is an act of endurance

Emma Greenberg

April 5, 2016

I wish to declare that my commitment to the show  “Grey’s Anatomy” has never wavered. I have had nothing but the fullest devotion to my favorite TV show. That being said, even I, a major “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, can admit that  the death rate for the show spiraled out of control. Afte...

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