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[December 2017] Cheerleading team surpasses gender stereotype

December 22, 2017

Julia Lombardo '20 At many high schools, cheerleading consists solely of teenage girls, dressed up in short skirts with pom poms and bows. While this may be a common stereotype, this season, the Staples cheerleading team defied this frequent misperception. Having two boys, Louis Pinto ’19 and Odin...

[December 2017] Barbie introduces new collection of ‘Sheroes’ dolls

December 22, 2017

Roxy Augeri'20 & Allie D'Angelo '20 For millions of girls around the world, Mattel’s “Barbie” products are ever present throughout their childhood and beyond. Ever since the doll’s reveal in 1959, Mattel has released various versions of Barbie, including different outfits for specific events. In...

[December 2017] The complete guide to gifting this holiday

December 22, 2017

Megan Doyle '18 December and all of its festive cheer is approaching its climax very soon. With Christmas a mere four days away, time is of the essence to find a perfect gift for those you love. But fear not, the amazing and brilliant Megan Doyle is here to provide tips and guide you through the treacherous...

[December 2017] Westport Arts Center winter exhibit- Diagrammatic paintings and artistic library showcased

December 22, 2017

Isabella Bullock '19 “What Keeps Mankind Alive” and “The Last Library” are combined exhibits that opened at the Westport Arts Center on Dec. 1 featuring artwork created by artists Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson. Paulson mainly worked on the “What Keeps Mankind Alive” collection,...

[December 2017] Jarett Liotta’s “Community & Country: A Spirit of Service” documentary enlightens viewers on military

December 22, 2017

Lauren Wasserman '19 Jarret Liotta, a Westport resident, journalist and parent of a Staples student, recently created a documentary-- produced by the Westport Library and Westport Historical Society-- called “Community & Country: A Spirit of Service.” The film focuses on the presence of military...

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