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[February 2018] Trump’s order to send back Salvadorans will lead to terror in El Salvador

February 23, 2018

Bailey Blaike '19 In fear of their lives, women from El Salvador seek shelter and ride in bulletproof cars after being deemed traitors by gangs in San Salvador. After being deported from the U.S., these women are forced to change their identity in order to stay safe from gang infested streets. Soo...

[February 2018] SATIRE #Lost you but still gained followers

February 23, 2018

Ellie Kravetz ’18 Dear @basketballboy22, I hate to do this on the biggest holiday of the year (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day), but since you refuse to obsessively post about our love on social media, I must publicly break up with you on this Instagram post. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. You ...

[February 2018] Trump’s response to “Fire and Fury” supports book’s claims

February 23, 2018

Kaela Dockray ’20   If I’ve learned nothing else from our president during his first year in office, at least I’ve gained a new appreciation of the importance of being accountable for my actions. Time and again, Trump has simply failed to do this. Rather than taking the blame, our presid...

[February 2018] Editorial: Media frenzy compromises journalistic integrity

February 23, 2018

Westport Daily Voice: “Staples High School admins failed to act when students reported sex assault.” New York Post: “Students slam officials for giving boy ‘stern talking to’ after sex assault claims.” NBC New York: “Connecticut students say vice principal told them to 'let it go' after ...

[February 2018] Oscar nominations showcase this year’s best films

February 22, 2018

Jack Shapiro ’19 The Oscars will return on March 4 and once again be hosted by late-night television host, Jimmy Kimmel. Here is a preview of movies and celebrities that could take home some hardware at this prestigious award show. One of the most anticipated awards of the night is Best Pict...

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