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[February 2018] Observatory focuses on learning, space exploration within the Westport community

February 23, 2018

Amelia Brown ’18   From the outside, it seems like an unsuspecting place. A white tin building tucked away behind the Westport Health District; the red light omitted from the door of Meadows Tower is the only hint that it contains a whole other world inside. Multiple other worlds actu...

[February 2018] Math National Honors Society provides free weekly tutoring

February 23, 2018

Alex Sprouls ’19   As the final bell rings, most students rush to their cars in hopes of beating the buses. However, members of the Math National Honors Society choose to spend their afternoons in the library tutoring their peers. “My tutoring with the Math National Honors Society w...

[February 2018] Upcoming police academy mentors youth interested in joining the force

February 23, 2018

Isabella Bullock ’19 Being a police officer might not be like CSI everyday, but it can still be interesting. Crime happens and police need to know how to protect citizens. A new program called the ‘Westport Citizens’ Youth Police Academy’ gives students who want to become police officers, o...

[February 2018] The Academy of Teachers chooses Sulzycki

February 23, 2018

Hannah Bolandian '19 Imagine giving a speech in front of a classroom full of students. Then, add ten more people, a hundred more, a thousand. For many, the thought of this sends chills down their spines. However, in English teacher Holly Sulzycki’s case, it excites her. Recently, Sulzycki was nom...

[February 2018] Social media platforms distract while fostering creativity

February 23, 2018

Emma Greenberg ’18 and Ian Bernstein ’18 Social media is the common ground amongst Generation Z and Millenials. It provides a platform for people to show off their individuality, while also bridging connections that would not have existed in the past. But there are some who have opted out of par...

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