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The Musings of a Politically Active Student

November 17, 2008

Aaron Kiersh '08 Staff Writer Sat., Feb. 9, 11 a.m. ...somewhere on the New Jersey Turnpike... This is a business trip. No fun, no frills. Five hours in the backseat on this chilly Saturday morning. My only company: Dad behind the steering wheel, an iPod blasting U2, and the trusty laptop. We are h...

Cafeteria Caters Using Countless Calories

November 17, 2008

Farrell Levenson '11 Staff Writer The Staples High School cafeteria caters to over two thousand students daily, offering everything from a salad bar to a made to order style sandwich station. It serves everything from piping hot fries to chilled fruity smoothies. Some of the options appear extremel...

Knicks Drown New Hopes by Sinking Back into Old Habits

November 17, 2008

Jesse Heussner '11 Staff Writer It's time to consider the Knicks. I've started many columns to try and illustrate the team, but each time I try, I get screwed and end up throwing it away After their 2-1 start, I was ready to write a rare, optimistic article glowing about the rejuvenated Knicks. ...

Should Hearsay Mean No Say?

November 17, 2008

Jesse Heussner ‘11 Staff Writer The highly anticipated Mitchell Report definitely delivered in entertainment value. 86 current and former players were named in the 409 page Mitchell Report, 31 of who were all-stars. However, on a day that was supposed to illustrate what sports fans didn't a...

Can You Hear Me Now? Communications Problems at Staples

October 8, 2008

by Constance Chien '10 The lack of proper communication in this school is deeply disconcerting. Blackboard, everyone's favorite scapegoat at this point, is not helping. What does "New Content Item" mean? Why is my class folder empty when it says there is a new assignment in it? Why must each class...

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