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Party Woes: America’s Two-Party System Needs to be Revised

Graphic by Owen Karrel ’10

December 3, 2009

Cole Manley ’11 News Editor In America we live with two parties: the donkeys and the elephants. But who says we can’t have a more fun-filled democracy? Wouldn’t introducing a non-native species – say, the Green gazelle or Socialist swan—be fairer? All kidding aside, the current ...

Standardized Tests are the Best (Or Not)

Students endure the grueling hours of standardized tests

December 3, 2009

Entering junior year, I was a little wary—I had been warned of the excessive workload, the college stress, and worst of all, the standardized tests. However, I figured some of it was just over-exaggerated hype. It couldn’t be that bad. The beginning of the year wasn’t too horrible. I st...

Failed Attempts to Interpret The Teen Mind

Failed Attempts to Interpret The Teen Mind

December 3, 2009

Shannon Moss ’11 Staff Writer The phrase, “say what you mean and mean what you say,” may be ideal for most situations, but when I talk to my parents, it just doesn’t happen. Take, for instance, an average night at the Moss household. When my dad calls to tell my brother (Grant) and I dinner is ready, bets start on how long until food is ...

Plight of the Bagel: Why Westport Doesn’t Compete

Graphic by Timothy Yang '11

December 2, 2009

  Isaac Stein ’12 Staff Writer In a town that takes pride in being an extension of New York culture, it seems only fitting that the local food supply should be up to par. In a town that doesn’t care whether or not it has a movie theater, a bowling alley, or an independent bookstore—which many other, less wealthy towns have­—it seems only fitting that the populace wo...

School, Community Green Efforts Deserve Recognition

December 2, 2009

Editorial It is difficult to find a town in America that tries as hard to be environmentally friendly as Westport does. Even the New York Times has said so. The “green” groups that call Westport home are some of this town’s gems, and they deserve recognition for their commitment to their world-c...

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November 25, 2009

Isaac Stein '12 Staff Writer Four tests in six hours. Somehow, I need to find solace in doing something completely unproductive for at least 15 minutes of my free period. It’s period seven, so the cafeteria is closed and I can’t find a sandwich to alleviate my problems. I, instead, look to the ...

Should We Be Worried About the Swine Flu?: H1N1 is a Serious Problem

Graphic by Jake Baron '13

November 4, 2009

Jordan Shenhar '13 Staff Writer Despite the public’s skepticism, swine flu is a highly dangerous and contagious disease. Although it may be true that swine flu was exaggerated by the media last spring, H1N1 mutated into a more potent virus over the summer. Because it contains DNA from swine...

IT Staff Deserves Recognition, Hires

November 4, 2009

Inklings Editorial Nobody ever said taking care of 408 new laptops was going to be easy. Despite the litany of troubles that has come along with so many new computers, Staples’ IT staff has performed admirably in fixing them. And with only four members, that is no small feat. It is the district...

It’s Red, White, and Awkward All Over

November 4, 2009

Joy Eisenberg '10 Sports Editor There are 98 days, 10 hours, and 41 minutes left. No, this is not a countdown of the days remaining until I hear back from colleges, but the amount of time between my writing this column and Red and Whites. Every year the County Assemblies holds two dances, one for...

Why I Hate Halloween

November 4, 2009

Let's take this very slowly. It's a secular holiday that started because of pagan beliefs.  OK. Young children dressed in ill-fitting superhero costumes or disturbingly sexualized superhero costumes will come to your house for candy.  OK.  Also, they will ask for money to help kids in Africa. ...

Back in the Day…

Photo by Emily Goldberg '12

November 1, 2009

Emily Goldberg '12 Web Sports Editor Countless times I have stomped into my kitchen to tell my Dad about my latest technology problems and plead to him that he helps me fix it. If my printer isn’t working, my document didn’t save, or that file isn’t opening, luckily he can usually help me fix my variou...

Too Much Luck

Graphic by Dana Rappaport '11

October 27, 2009

In the past few weeks I have seen ladybugs as much as a podiatrist sees feet. The little beetles with black spots are infesting our homes. Last week when I went to open my front door, I was stopped in my tracks by hundreds of ladybugs. Some are orange, some red, and some orangey red. They are in the window cracks, ...

The Blushing Effect

October 27, 2009

Leah Bitsky '12 Staff Writer A freshman boy broke my fall. It was 7:30 AM and I was walking through the crowded cafeteria to put my sports bag in a cubby. As I walked confidently through the freshman ghetto, thinking I was the bomb being a sophomore and all, my field hockey stick got caught in...

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