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GG & Joe, along with other local restaurants, offers an outdoor seating arrangement. Eating outside has been proven to lower stress levels. Students would, therefore, find it enjoyable to take a break from school to go enjoy lunch at GG & Joe.

An open campus should be exercised through a merit-based system

Lauren Hassell ’22, Staff Writer April 5, 2021

We thought a quick Starbucks trip during our two-hour lunch period free was a great idea. It was a rainy Monday and my first day at school since November after transitioning from a full distance learner....

A woman kneels with flowers to pay tribute to the 10 victims of the Boulder, Colorado shooting on March 22.

Silence towards this year’s shootings due to oversaturation of violence, shallow trendy activism

Giselle Oldani '22, Web Arts Editor April 5, 2021

When Colorado citizens went to King Soopers for their Monday afternoon grocery haul, they were completely unaware of what was about to take place. They did not know a man would enter the store, strapped...

What the distance learning setup looks like.

Staples’ transition back to normal is better than staying in our bubble

Jalen St. Fort '22, Staff Writer April 5, 2021

During the seventh period of the day on March 11, 2020, Principal Thomas announced that school was being shut down for two weeks until the Coronavirus had passed through the area and there was no risk...

Women from all over England mourned for Sarah Everard.  The vigil they organized to represent women’s rights was not approved by the police in England, while a gathering to celebrate a soccer match was.

Everard took precaution; victim blaming ineffective

Elle Vail '23, Staff Writer April 5, 2021

As a woman, I have been told my whole life to be aware: to not walk alone at night, to hold keys with the sharp edge out, to make sure my clothing isn’t easy to grab, to enter and exit my car immediately,...

Andrew Cuomo now faces seven sexual harassment allegations; the allegations started in December of 2020.

Cuomo harassment cases reveal how men gaslight women

Elle Vail '23, Staff Writer April 5, 2021

Sexism reeks in this country. Women in the U.S. live in a “man’s world” with muddled waters of self-esteem as they are inundated with images of impossible beauty, burdened by  all-encompassing wage...

The USAG allows hundreds of young girls to be abused at the hands of their coaches. The USAG must address these abuses and let authorities deal with these cases.

The United States Gymnastics Association is failing at protecting gymnasts from abuse

Phoebe Miller '23, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

In fourth grade, I did a project on the wonders of gymnastics. I bought a book that talked about every aspect of gymnastics, but soon I reached a chapter that startled me. It talked of the violence in...

Emojis allow for unusually creative expression and communication among friends and family.

Emojis permit atypical expression and communication

Brooke Dembin '22, Business Manager March 30, 2021

Do you send your mom and friends random fruit emojis throughout the day for fun but to also give them a sense of confusion? No? Just me? This just got awkward... Emojis have a variety of uses that can...

Women’s History Month is an incredibly important holiday, and at Staples, it should be treated as such.

Staples’ attempt to celebrate Women’s History Month falls flat

Julia Kasabian '21, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

I had no idea Women’s History Month existed until the beginning of March 2021. Now that I know, I have been happily celebrating the women who have made a difference in my life. However, Staples has not...

 Purim celebrators struggle to realize how                                            offensive their outfits truly are.

Children celebrating Purim disregards appeal for unity between minorities, furthers divide.

Julia Leitner ’23, Staff Writer March 28, 2021

 A group of kids in Lakewood, New Jersey did not seem to realize the harm that they perpetuated when trying to continue a holiday tradition. This tradition, for a Jewish holiday called Purim, is to dress...

The new method of raising awareness for social and political issues, “social media activism” started to rise in popularity around May of 2020.

New wave of “social media activism” flawed but well-intentioned

Lea Rivel ’22, Web Arts Editor March 26, 2021

Take yourself back to June 2, 2020. You open your Instagram app, and as you scroll, it seems to be an endless array of black squares. You realize that it is #BlackoutTuesday, so you also post a Black square...

The couple’s interview with Oprah also highlighted the stigmatization of mental health in our society, especially in an environment as limiting and suffocating as the royal family’s.

Media’s response to Meghan Markle exemplifies racist, sexist stereotypes

Morgan Han-Lemus '23, Staff Writer March 26, 2021

The controversial Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has sparked a discussion that goes beyond the borders of “drama” within the royal family. The role of the media in the vilification...

As masks prove extremely useful to fight off COVID-19, they introduce new opportunities to protect against other illnesses such as the flu.

Wearing masks after COVID-19 can limit spread of flu

Maddy Tansley ’23, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

Over the course of the pandemic, masks have become a necessity for anyone planning on leaving their house to go to school, restaurants or shops. With masks being the new norm, it raises the question of...

The most dramatic development in the wake of the shift to 75% capacity has been the new circumstances of lunch periods. Decidedly suboptimal, these have become frenzied and unsafe, but can be easily rectified.

Recent changes to lunch periods prove undesirable, require remedy

Mimi Casey ’22, Paper Opinions Editor March 24, 2021

With all of the changes that have come with the implementation of the 75% model, some of the most talked-about have been those affecting lunch periods. Considering the dramatically stricter regulations...

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