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Coronavirus hinders holiday plans

Ella Alpert '22 and Katie Simons '22

April 15, 2020

Pass-fail system remains uncertain

Students have many different opinions in lieu of the new option to keep letter grades or switch to a pass-fail system for quarter four.

Emma Dantas ’21 and Carly Kaplowitz ’21

April 15, 2020

Walkers at Compo Beach ignore social distancing rules

Some walkers at Compo Beach are not moving over to keep six ft apart, and instead forcing others into the street to keep that distance.

Samantha Felner '22 and Betti Kobak '22

April 15, 2020

Students consider impacts of new AP exam format

Although the AP U.S. History test, for example, traditionally takes over two hours and consists of multiple sections, the 2020 AP test will be 45 minutes long and consist of free response questions. The original test had to be modified due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lyah Muktavaram ’22 and Anastasia Thumser ’22

April 15, 2020

Westport residents trudge on despite COVID-19 quarantine

Residents occupy Southport beach despite official beach closure due to Covid-19

Graham Wood '20 and Emily Stone '20

April 6, 2020

Students react to updates in COVID-19 management

COVID-19 has been dealt with in various ways by the federal and state governments, the town of Westport and Staples High School.

Lea Rivel ’22 and Prasaus Yeager ’22

April 3, 2020

Seniors react to remote learning curriculum, COVID-19 updates

Principal Stafford W. Thomas, Jr. sent out an update to all students on Monday, March 16. He discussed remote learning, noting that students will spend multiple hours a day engaged within online coursework.

Eddie Kiev ’20 and Audrey Bernstein ’20

March 29, 2020

Fashion’s Wearabouts: Episode 15

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, many aspects of the fashion industry have had to become digital.

Dana Perelberg '20, Paper Managing Editor

March 27, 2020

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