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Youth struggles with Kanye West’s recent anti-semitism

Youth struggles with Kanye West’s recent anti-semitism

Cassidy Gutman ’25, Staff Writer December 6, 2022

Kanye West has recently been banned from Twitter and Instagram following anti-black and antisemitic remarks he made over the past few months. Additionally, Adidas announced that they would end their partnership...

Within the last few months, swatting cases have increased countrywide, heightening concern among school communities.

Connecticut swatting incident highlights growing national problem

“Lockdown procedures activated. Lockdown procedures activated. An emergency has been reported. Please follow the building lockdown procedures.”  Snapping out of their early morning stupor, students...

Students learn teamwork skills and bond with each other by working together on the rope course.

Ropes course ties bonds among Staples community

Matthew Saw ’23, Web Arts Editor November 28, 2022

mAn indoor and outdoor ropes course has been unveiled this year, exclusively for sophomores. Nothing like it has been seen at Staples before, so it has been a point of discussion among many. The ropes...

Members of the skate club meet with a representative of The Skatepark Project via zoom to discuss skating.

Skaters, non-skaters roll into skate club

Adian Sprouls '23, Web Opinions Editor November 28, 2022

Looking into room 2002 on any given Wednesday you would see a group of students trying to learn more about a shared passion: skateboarding. Staples’ skate club is a group of both experienced and inexperienced...

Gavin Rothenberg ’23 (left) and Charlie Honig ’23 (right) produce “The Clean Up Crew” in Staples’ radio production room. Their first episode was released in late October.

Radio students produce new show ‘The Clean Up Crew’

Madison Mayr ’24, Paper Sports Editor November 24, 2022

An excited buzz fills the air as the lights flash on in the STV studio. Charlie Honig ’23 and Gavin Rothenberg ’23 stand in the center of the room, awaiting their starting cue for the next episode...

Outside of the cafeteria, there are posters with details about the event as well as a group of students from either the Westport Youth Commission or TAG selling tickets.

Dodgeball, teens, police officers builds bonds between WPD, youth

Ava Cordella '24, Paper Opinions Editor November 22, 2022

The whistle blows and suddenly the Staples field house is scattered with students and Westport police officers hurling balls at each other. This could only mean one thing, it’s the annual dodge-a-cop...

Gas has become another commonly seen social media app on teenagers phones. At Staples currently, the user population is growing daily.

Gas app gains popularity at Staples

Rylie Cordella ’25, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

Social media is known to cause feelings of inadequacy in one's life or self. You’ve heard it on the news – the negative impacts it has on the developing mind, the FOMO it gives to people leaving them...

The event includes 28 exhibitors, all dedicated to making the holidays in Westport more sustainable.

Zero Waste Committee goes green at Westport Holiday Green Festival

Storey Ahl ’25, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

With the end of the year approaching, there is no better way to get in the holiday spirit than to buy gifts for your friends and family. The issue, however, is that with buying gifts comes lots of waste.  On...

The Connecticut lotteries sit at $59 million and $207 million, as of Nov. 13.

A penny for your thoughts: what would you do with 2 billion dollars?

Talia Moskowitz ’24 , Web Sports Editor November 15, 2022

There are some things that most of us will never see in our lifetimes: like the view from top of Mount Everest, for example, or flying cars. Even less likely, though, is a check with nine zeros on it and...

During remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless students had trouble with motivation, leading to assignments not being completed.

Missing assignments decrease with post-pandemic schooling

Demi Sasson ’25, Paper Sports Editor November 15, 2022

As you’re trying to fall asleep, you can’t take your eyes off of the clock on your bedside table. It strikes 12 a.m., and immediately you’re reminded of all of the assignments that just changed from...

The Holiday Bear Project aims to give underprivileged children from Connecticut gifts to make their holiday season the best it can be.

Connections classes give back through Holiday Bear Project

Addison Coughlin ’25, Paper Opinions Editor November 14, 2022

A duffle bag filled with presents: sounds like every kid's dream. But for these kids, receiving this bag means something more. If it weren’t for The Holiday Bear project, many children in Connecticut...

Election Day took place on Nov. 8 this year. Long Lots Elementary school  was one of the five polling locations available for Westporters to cast their ballot. Photo contributed by Ashley Julien ’23.

First time voters change America at polls

Karlie Saed '23, Photostory Editor November 14, 2022

Election Day is normally a day in which students get a day off from school and use this time to sleep in, catch up on homework or hangout with friends. But, for those seniors who just recently turned 18,...

“Guys and Dolls” premiered Nov. 11 and has a total of seven shows.

Players demonstrate unity, supportive program through obstacles

Talia Varsano '24, Paper Art Editor November 13, 2022

Theater often highlights star studded individual talents, and, of course, Players has a long history of just that. But this perception was challenged the first weekend of the Player’s annual fall production....

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