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Authentic Key Lime Pie: an easy enjoyable recipe

This is an easy to make key lime pie recipe, with graham crackers crust for everyone to enjoy.

Maria Krug '22, Opinions editor

June 4, 2020


Crispy zucchini pancakes; a quick, healthy meal

During the quarantine, there is a lot of time to try and enjoy new recipes. A health filled zucchini pancake is the perfect lunch meal to make, and it tastes delicious!

Samantha Felner '22, Features editor

May 31, 2020


Homemade banana bread beats it all

While stuck at home during quarantine, homemade banana bread is a perfect thing to bake and enjoy with family.

Kylie Cohen '20, staff writer

May 18, 2020


Nutella Cookies cure sweet tooth cravings

Nutella cookies are the perfect snack during self quarantine. Extremely easy to make and taste amazing.

Shira Zeiberg '22, buisness assistant

May 17, 2020


Westport restaurants offer curbside pickup

Sherwood dinner is one of many restaurants in Westport offering curbside pickup by utilizing one its smaller parking lot for pickup.

Aidan Rodgers '22, Paper Arts Editor

May 11, 2020


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