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Competition among streaming services puts damper on enjoyment for consumers

While Netflix used to be the only widely used streaming service, many new ones have been introduced within the past few years, and competition between them has continued to grow.
January 13, 2021

Remember when life was easy and Netflix was the only streaming platform we used to watch our favorite shows? When no one really knew what Hulu was, nobody cared about what was streaming on Amazon Prime...

‘Bridgerton’ tells beautiful story of high society

“Bridgerton” is a perfect show for anyone who loves a period drama with modern twists.
January 13, 2021

A new show has come to Netflix, and it’s taking the world by storm. “Bridgerton,” released Dec. 25, tells a tale of the trials and tribulations of 19th century high-class Londoners during the social...

‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ fails in face of expectations set by its predecessor

Wonder Woman 1984, released in theatres and HBO Max on Christmas day, fails to meet expectations set by the first film.
January 13, 2021

“Wonder Woman 1984” finally premiered in theatres and HBO Max on Christmas day, over three years after the first film in the franchise, “Wonder Woman” (2017), was released.  After 2020’s series...

‘iCarly’ reboot fills fans with excitement

‘iCarly’ reboot fills fans with excitement
January 11, 2021

The Nickelodeon show “iCarly” will be returning in 2021 with the original cast as their adult selves after an eight-year hiatus.  “iCarly” is a show about three teens: Carly, Sam and Freddie....

‘The Bachelor’ returns for 25th season, proves to be compelling so far

Matt James starts his journey with 32 women as the 25th Bachelor. Week 1 started off strong, bringing a lot of hope for this season.
January 11, 2021

The winter season is one that is highly anticipated globally every year. Quality time is spent with friends and family, there is always an abundance of spirit and the food that comes with it is undeniably...

Virtual Candlelight captivates attention, proves successful

Despite the barriers put in place by COVID-19 the highly regarded Candlelight concert prevailed taking on the form of a virtually broadcasted performance accessible to thousands across the nation.
January 5, 2021

Every year the holiday season is unofficially underway when bright lights illuminate the Staples high school stage and music fills the air, commencing the annual Candlelight concert. A performance so highly...

Jack Harlow’s experimental debut album ‘That’s What They All Say’ worth invested listen

Jack Harlow was named a 2020 Freshman by the newspaper XXL, which is high prestige for any rapper.
December 23, 2020

Jack Harlow has been advertising and hyping his recent album, “That’s What They All Say,” since Dec. 2 for a Dec. 10 release date. After it’s first week, the album sold just over 52,000 units,...

‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ takes the throne as best holiday film

Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold decks his house in Christmas lights, as part of his plan to have the perfect, good old-fashioned family Christmas.
December 23, 2020

Ahh, yes. The holiday season. Every year around this time, a certain debate starts amongst families, friend groups and even among online strangers: Which holiday movie is the best? Some say it's Will Ferrell’s...

Starbucks welcomes the holiday season with festive drinks

December 23, 2020

DIY gift ideas offer festivity to holidays

A DIY hot chocolate package is fun, inexpensive and made with love. Homemade gifts can be even appreciated even more than store-bought ones because the people receiving the present understand the time and effort put into it. This is a great gift for a winter night during the holiday season.
December 22, 2020

Incandescent, unified lyricism on ‘evermore’ creates enchanting masterpiece

Taylor Swift dropped her surprise album “evermore” on Dec. 11, not posting about it until the morning before. It is the sister album to “folklore,” which she released in July.
December 22, 2020

Do you remember the feeling of comfort when your parents read a storybook to you?  Do you recall the dwindling sparkle of the holiday lights around a room while you watch a movie? Can you recollect the...

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