Westport annual TEA talk returns

Westport annual TEA talk returns

By: Teddy Dienst ’20

Photo Credit: Phyllis Groner


On Sunday, Oct. 29, the Westport Town Hall hosted a thinkers, educators and artists (TEA) talk. The talk was sponsored by the Westport Library and the Westport arts advisory committee, (WAAC) and was open to the public. The WAAC’s primary focus for TEA talk is  “advising on the preservation of Westport’s legacy as an arts community, oversight of the Town Art Collection and ways to increase the visibility of the arts in our community.” the WAAC website says.

Each talk lasted about 20 minutes and featured former Staples principal John Dodig along with other Westport figures.

This TEA talk drew the attention of some Staples students. “I am a fan of art and I think it would be pretty cool to see former Principal Dodig discuss and talk about different issues that have been occurring,” Emmett Rizack ’19 said.

TEA is a way to become more active in the Westport community and to learn about ideas from fellow residents. Lars Djuve ’20 a student who attended part of this event observed that “there were a lot of interesting topics and issues discussed throughout the talk.”