Sophie Rossman’s 30-Day “Feel Good” Routine proves effective during challenging times


Photo by Karina Murray ’22

Sophie Rossman ’21 released her 30-Day “Feel Good” Routine on Jan. 1 in an effort to promote wellness and self-care in the new year and aid individuals who yearn for structure and motivation in a time of uncertainty.

Karina Murray ’22, Paper Features Editor

The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine means that the end of the pandemic is closer than ever, but the various mental health effects that the pandemic has caused still await remedy. 

In an effort to aid individuals who need some extra motivation or structure to their day, Sophie Rossman ’21 formulated a challenge entitled the 30-Day “Feel Good” Routine

The challenge serves as a popular addition to her website in which she focuses on methods of coping through artistic expression. 

  “I think a lot of kids get depressed when they’re stuck in this quarantine kind of rut,” Rossman  said. “So I figured that making some kind of routine to stick to would integrate some structure into the lives of people and maybe give them initiative to work on themselves.”

While Rossman’s website mainly focuses on artistic ways of coping with mental health issues, no artistic background is necessary and anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in the challenge.

“I would never really do something like this [challenge],” Camille Foise ’21, who has been participating in the challenge for several days, said. “[…] But it really turns my mood around when I stick to it, so I would literally recommend it to everyone.”

The challenge breaks down the schedule into a morning, afternoon and night routine which participants may follow in the order they are written or in an order that they choose. 

“I [did] a lot of research about what is healthy to do throughout the day to lead a productive life,” Rossman said. “So it just has basic things like drinking 64 ounces of water a day and other things like getting out and getting moving.”

The morning list includes tasks such as making your bed, writing a to-do list and saying positive affirmations. The afternoon list tasks participants with going for a short walk and working on something productive, and some recommendations for nighttime include tidying up your room and laying out your outfit for the following day. In every part of the routine, there are several water reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day.

“I drink about two eight ounce cups [of water] in the morning, three in the afternoon and thre before I go to bed,” Foise said. “I’m not a big coffee drinker but from time and time again if I don’t get a lot of sleep then I turn to drinking coffee, but I actually feel that being hydrated keeps me very energized.”

January, February and December are really the heavy months for auditioning […] so I knew I wanted to check in with myself more, which is a lot of what this 30 day routine is about,”

— Camille Foise ’21

Foise began the challenge in an effort to take care of herself during one of the most stressful periods of her high school career: the college application process.

“I’m coming into a time where I’m applying for college, but I’m applying for the performing arts, so something very different. January, February and December are really the heavy months for auditioning […] so I knew I wanted to check in with myself more, which is a lot of what this 30 day routine is about,” Foise said. 

Although Foise was not originally enthusiastic about partaking in the challenge, she has grown to look forward to completing each task everyday.

“Probably my favorite thing is positive affirmations,” Foise said. “[It’s] something I have always thought was a little dumb, but it really helps and motivates me to start the day and makes me excited to start the day.”

Madison Futoma ’22 also feels that this challenge would be a great way to stay organized and feel prepared for the day.

“I haven’t started the challenge yet,” Futoma said, “but I’m hoping to do so soon and am excited to see the benefits of self-care.”